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"You can learn anything you need to learn, to achieve any goal you want to achieve."

"I have been active in this field and made my living from taxidermy since 1977. I know the problems and challenges you will face. You have the opportunity to take advantage of my experience and success, as well as that of your instructors, to attain a high level of expertise in a relatively short period of time. You can save thousands of hours over trying to learn the same skills on your own" — Dan Bantley

"Ultimate Taxidermy Training"
To get started in your own business you need education, guidance and hands-on experience. You will receive this experience not only in all areas of taxidermy, but also in business and personal skills training.

This program offer 926 hours of complete entry level training (equivalent to 27 weeks) and takes approximately 7 months. This will give you a solid foundation to start your own taxidermy business, a very nice display, and a "how to succeed" plan.

Students will experience mounting fish, birds, and mammals. Students will also be trained in fundamental business techniques and be introduced to personal skills development. These are the habits, attitudes, and mindset necessary to succeed.

Some of the mounts this student completed

Students repeat all taxidermy sections with mounts of increasing size and/or difficulty. The additional repetition helps you refine your skills and build your confidence. The business and personal skills sections shift to high gear teaching you the closely guarded secrets of the nation's leading entrepreneurs, consultants, and businesses.


Some of the mounts this student completed


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