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Individuals With Disabilities
— Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy, Inc. is barrier free for the physically challenged.

Student Services — Students are taught success skills such as; goal setting, positive thinking and attitude, the dangers of negative thinking, handling challenges, creative thinking and the laws of contribution, responsibility and service. These life changing skills are taught and reinforced throughout the program.

Students wishing additional counseling should verbally make their request known to their instructor. P.I.T. will refer student to a professional counselor.

Student Placement — At the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy, Inc. the student is exposed to all phases of the taxidermy profession. This training is geared to provide the student with the knowledge to embark on a self-sustaining career in his/her own business venture. However, some students may wish to be employed by established taxidermists and the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy, Inc. will endeavor to aid these students seeking such employment. Placement is not guaranteed.

Credit for Previous Training — Taxidermy courses taken prior to entering Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy, Inc. will be evaluated on an individual basis, including finished taxidermy specimens.

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Code of Conduct for Educational Loans — Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy, Inc. prohibits a conflict of interest with an agent of the institution with respect to FFELP or private education loans. P.I.T. prohibits: revenue sharing with any lender, receiving gifts from a lender, financial benefit from any lender, directing borrowers to a particular lender, refusing or delaying loan certifications, offers of funds for private loans, call center or financial aid staffing assistance and advisory board compensation.

Preferred Lender Arrangement — Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy, Inc. does not participate in any preferred lender arrangements.

Student Consumer InformationClick here for helpful informaton about the institution.

Disclaimer — All information contained in this website ( is subject to change without notice. The institute makes every effort to keep the information in this website up to date but does not guarantee the accuracy or currency.

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